Honolulu Cookie Welcome Pineapples

From the unforgettable sound of the pu (the conk shell blown to signal the start of worship), to the shell lei + pineapple cookies you’ll receive at our Welcome Table, we pride ourselves on combining our Methodist faith with subtle touches of our Hawaiian culture.

Our multi-generational worship service is a mix of both contemporary + traditional, offering an incredible Praise Band as well as hymn music from our choir. Together, we take part in Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month; we welcome everyone (even you) to join us!

For families with children, you’ll find a children’s check in table, located by the front entrance. Stop by here so we can get them each a name tag, and provide you with more information on our Sunday School programs, as well as complimentary nursery care for those ages 0-24 months. If your children prefer to stay with you during the service, that’s perfectly okay too!


Following our worship service, we have fresh ground, locally grown coffee + snacks provided on the front lawn or lanai. We encourage you to grab one of our reusable cups, or refill your own! Then, spend a couple minutes exploring our campus. Beyond the large rocks within our Meditation Garden, you’ll find that our church grounds overlook 800 acres of the Kawainui Marsh, the largest wetlands in all of the Hawaiian Islands!

Koko Crater Kailua Coffee
A Christ-centered, knowing, loving and serving ohana.


Want to get a feel for our sermons + pastor?  Miss a week and need to get caught up?
We put all of our sermons on YouTube for later viewing, or Live worship services in their entirety can be found on our Facebook Page or on the Church Center app. You can also listen to sermons on iTunes or Spotify.


Once you’ve visited us, Church Center is the key to staying connected. Download the free app for your smartphone or tablet, or sign up and view their webpage. Here, you can sign up for events, give online, opt in to our church directory, or view sermons. This is our favorite tool to stay in-the-know!


Giving to the church can be done a number of ways – the easiest way is to give online via our  Church Center app. You can give once, or set up reoccurring weekly or monthly donations with your debit or credit card. You can also give via check or cash on Sunday mornings, or mail checks to the church office.


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KUMC welcomes your involvement.  From those that are new, young or old, there are countless opportunities to serve.
As you can imagine, Sunday mornings are our busiest day and it’s all hands on deck. If you have interest in any of the following, we encourage you to email and we’ll connect you with our Team Leader!



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